Cicadas set to emerge in Ohio

Cicadas set to emerge in Ohio

(WTOL) - They're back! After 17 years periodical cicadas are emerging in parts of Ohio. The insects will blanket parts of the state for several weeks. The last time we saw this type of cicada was back in 1999.

"It was just deafening. They were just everywhere. It was a sight to see," said Amy Stone an extension educator with Ohio State University's Lucas County Office.

Stone says Toledo will be spared from the deafening noise. Hundreds of thousands of the periodical cicadas will target several counties in the state including Cleveland. In Toledo we won't notice much of a change.

"We may hear the stories, but we're not going to experience that massive brood," said Stone.

Cicadas have been known to damage trees, however, Stone says our corner of the state should not see substantial damage.

"If you see something on the news or a website about not planting until after the cicadas die that's for other parts of the state," said Stone. "We can plant trees and everything as normal here in NW Ohio."

The periodical cicadas are expected to emerge in mid May.

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