Local leaders seek money back from state of Ohio

Local leaders seek money back from state of Ohio

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Ohio Governor John Kasich says he balanced the state's budget. But at what cost to our local communities?

Some leaders in Lucas County say his success has led to the struggles of individual cities and towns.

Now, local leaders are asking for 50 percent of the money back from the state. They say they're in dire need of those dollars in order to fix the roads.

"Very specifically, we need our roads fixed, we need our roads fixed, we need our roads fixed," said Commissioner Pete Gerken. "He has money to do it, he needs to send it back."

In 2012, Governor Kasich announced a plan to balance the state of Ohio's budget. He said he would keep the money coming in from local governments. But now, they want that money back.

"We're left out here struggling to backfill that money. He's got enough in his coffers right now. He's got two billion bucks sitting there in a rainy day fund. Isn't it time to feed some of the needs of the communities where the money came from?" said Gerken.

Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson says their message has a goal - to get the Governor to realize local communities play a major role in making a state great, and a failing infrastructure doesn't accomplish that goal.

"No one will want to come to a city and a state when you have infrastructure that is on the brink of collapse," said Hicks-Hudson. "And we're not totally that far in the city, but we need to work very hard to make sure that our streets are repaired, that bridges that should be open, stay open."

As a first step, the county commissioners passed a resolution Tuesday, pushing for the legislation.

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