Dr. Heiney found guilty in MI, out on bond in Lucas Co.

Dr. Heiney found guilty in MI, out on bond in Lucas Co.

MONROE COUNTY, MI (WTOL) - A former orthopedic doctor has been found guilty, again.

Jake Heiney's trial in Monroe County only lasted a day and a half before a judge ruled he was guilty of inappropriately touching his female patients.

The former doctor was found guilty of two counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct after former patients testified the doctor fondled their breasts during exams for back pain.

Heiney had waved his right to a jury trial Monday. So without the need for a jury to be picked, the trial began. Witnesses were called and closing arguments were delivered Tuesday. Judge White in Monroe County District Court then delivered the verdict later that afternoon. He found the former doctor to be guilty of inappropriately touching female patients while alone with him in his Lambertville orthopedic office.

Jake Heiney's attorney, Lorin Zaner, says he's disappointed with the verdict and his client will appeal this ruling.

Heiney's Attorney has already filed an appeal for the guilty verdict here in Lucas County. The appeals court has allowed Heiney to be released from jail on bond while awaiting the outcome, which could take up to a year.

Heiney, however, could be sent back to jail after being sentenced in Monroe County. The maximum time he faces is four years behind bars.

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