Don't Waste Your Money: Spring travel scams

Don't Waste Your Money: Spring travel scams

(WTOL) - With just two months of school left before summer, many of us are now planning our 2016 vacations.

But before you get online to look for a deal, attorney general offices across the country are warning about some springtime travel scams you need to watch out for.

Until recently, fax machines and us mail were the scammer's best friend. But now, they are turning to social media to make you think that everyone is getting these deals.

"Last year we received over 400 complaints about travel scams," said Mike Dewine, of the Ohio Attorney General's Office.

The Top Ripoffs:

  • Free Airfare, that isn't free

"You get a postcard that says you've won free airline tickets, or you've won something else. And then once you've looked into it there's always a catch," said Dewine.

  • Free hotel rooms that come with high pressure to buy a timeshare.

"What they don't tell you is that when you do this you have to listen to their spiel. You are outgunned, franky. These guys do this every single day," said Dewine.

  • Discount travel clubs with no available dates

"A travel club can be a couple of thousand dollars, and you see all these brochures and things you'll get to do, and the reality is much different than what they purported it to be," said Dewine.

Watch for vacation home ads on craigslist and other sites, where the owner wants you to wire him a deposit via western union or a similar service, so you don't waste your money.

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