OSHP: Watch out for motorcycles as temperatures heat up

OSHP: Watch out for motorcycles as temperatures heat up
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(WTOL) - As the weather warms up, Ohio State Highway Patrol is warning drivers to watch out for motorcyclists.

More people were out on their bikes over the weekend, but it's just the beginning of the season.

To help keep those riders safe, OSHP says judge your distance accordingly, as they can seem further from your vehicle than they actual are due to their smaller size.

Next, take a second to check for motorcyclists when changing lanes, as they are easily hidden in those blind spots.

Lately, OSHP says half of all deadly motorcycle crashes involve a car, SUV or truck.

"Take that extra second when you're pulling out from that stop sign or red light. Making a right turn on red or even when the light turns green. Take that extra second to make sure there's not a motorcyclist coming at you," said Lt. William Bowers, OSHP.

Troopers say no motorcyclists have been killed so far this year in Lucas County.

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