'Active Killer' training course offered at no cost in Columbus

'Active Killer' training course offered at no cost in Columbus

COLUMBUS, OH (WTOL) - The Buckeye Firearms Association is offering a new "Active Killer" training class at no cost this summer.

The class will highlight tactics for effectively stopping active killers through a study of past events and application of the FASTER Saves Lives program that started this year.

It takes place over the weekend of June 25 - 26 and will be conducted by instructors from the Tactical Defense Institute.

The FASTER Saves Lives program trained more than 450 school teachers and administrators from more than 150 districts in a 3-year period resulting in the demand for the Buckeye Firearms Foundation to grow both budget and program by 60-percent for this year's courses.

"If an active killer event occurs in a school, business or church, the one thing we know for certain is that police response is coming. We are offering this entire weekend of training to give these outside first responders access to the best training available," said Brad Birchfield, FASTER Program Director.

The training is free to any first responder, law enforcement officer, school resource officer or sheriff wishing to attend.

"Many law enforcement departments simply cannot afford to provide specific active killer training to a large part of their officers. The Buckeye Firearms Foundation wants to make sure that any officer who wants this training has the opportunity to get it."

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