Protesters can't carry concealed weapons on campus, so carry openly instead

Protesters can't carry concealed weapons on campus, so carry openly instead

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - They called it a walk, not a march.

Supporters of conceal carry laws in Ohio on Saturday walked across the campus of Bowling Green State University campus and into the city of Bowling Green.

Concealed weapons are illegal to carry at Ohio's public universities.

But openly carried weapons are fine.

That's what the group did with their sidearms.

"I think it's important for people to realize the protection purposes of carrying a weapon," said student Del'Vaunte Scott.

The walk was organized by Jeffry Smith, a Cincinnati real estate investor and accountant.

He's led similar walks at other state universities.

Mr. Smith thinks conceal carry is necessary on Ohio campuses which he calls 'criminal empowerment zones.'

"So how many attacks have you had on police stations? Not a whole lot because they know everyone in there is carrying a gun. What happens on a college campus? The only ones carrying guns are the police," said Smith.

Students with conceal carry permits are allowed to bring a weapon to BGSU.

But they have to keep it locked in their cars.

There's a bill now in the state legislature that would allow the Board of Trustees at each institution vote to allow conceal carry.

"It gives you an opportunity to have the knowledge your gun is still on you, no one else knows. It's more for protection," said student Molly Musial.

The walk in BG made some people anxious and uncomfortable.

That's why they organized a community picnic to oppose guns, whether concealed or carried openly.

"I think if you look at the statistics, look at the research, anywhere where guns are present and more guns there's more violence and more people get hurt," said picnic organizer Christine Englebrecht.

BGSU Campus Security was notified about the walk.

Officers were on hand to make sure everybody followed the law.

There were no problems.

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