100-year-old street bridge deemed unsafe to drive over

100-year-old street bridge deemed unsafe to drive over
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Marengo Street Bridge is used only by people who live in the neighborhood between River Road and the Anthony Wayne Trail. But it is the one under the most scrutiny in recent years.

In November, WTOL showed viewers the rust and expansion joints that have been breaking down in this 100 year-old bridge. And the most recent city inspection showed it's no longer safe to drive over.

"We take a very close look at all the members and their connections and at this point in time, we just felt that the deterioration was too significant that we could no longer risk the safety of the traveling public," said Kris Cousino, Engineer at Streets, Bridges, and Harbor.

City crews drilled holes just outside of the bridge to put up more permanent signs and barriers have also gone up.

Last weekend's seven inch snowstorm was the final straw for the bridge. Just too much snow and ice weighing on it. The city passed out fliers door to door Friday, to let neighbors know.

Cousino says this comes after the Division of Streets, Bridges and Harbor did everything it could to keep the bridge open as long as possible.

"The last thing we want to do is inconvenience the public in any way. We have a 40 foot ladder, we do a lot of climbing around we've watched some dynamic loads go across the bridge. So we've been very diligent watching the structure," said Cousino.

The city is waiting to hear back from ODOT, on an application for funding to repair or replace the Marengo Street Bridge.

Even if it is granted, we won't see the bridge open again until 2019.

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