Don't rush to plant those springtime flowers

Don't rush to plant those springtime flowers

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With such a nice weekend ahead, most of you will probably want to be out in the yard. But don't let the nice weather speed up what you really shouldn't be doing just yet.

There is plenty you can do this weekend but planting your flowers and vegetables is not one. Experts at Natures Corner says they don't even put flowers out, that way people will not be tempted to plant them too early.

The rule of thumb is to wait until mother's day to plant those flowers that will add color to your yard.  But things like trees and shrubs are ok to plant now, as long as you don't see any green buds.

"When they are very tight in bud you only see the stem you don't see any green growth or leaves. so you know those are safe to plant now if you were to plant a tree or shrub with new growth that pushed out that was early, if you plant that and we get a hard frost last in the season it could damage all that new growth," said Jenny.

Now is also the perfect time to mulch, and the soil is the right temp to fertilize, even cutting ornamental grasses down get the thumbs up for this weekend. But think twice before you decide to prune others.

"Things that bloom in the spring, you have lilacs, azaleas, do not trim those at this time, it will trim off the flower buds and you will not have your pretty flower you waited all year for. Other things spuria, hydrangea those types of things is safe to prune those to give them a spring haircut thicken them up for the season," said Jenny.
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