New glass exhibit opens at Toledo Glass Museum

New glass exhibit opens at Toledo Glass Museum

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Some art fit for the Glass City is on display at the Toledo Museum of Art, and its being showcased as part of a celebration.

To coincide with the 10 year anniversary of the glass pavilion here at the Toledo Museum of Art, a new exhibit has opened, showcasing many works never before seen by the public.

"Hot Spot" features 80 unique pieces of glass art from 7 different artists. These pieces do not come from another museum though, but from private glass art collectors in the Greater Toledo Area.

The pieces range from figurines to abstract forms, even space aliens. The variety and quality of the exhibit showcases the near limitless potential of glass as a medium.

"It is extremely exciting for us to see that the high quality of contemporary glass that we are trying to maintain here for our museum collection, is also reflected in private collections around us." said Jutta Page, Toledo Museum of Art: Senior Curator of Glass and Decorative Arts.

The exhibit is free, and runs until September 18th.
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