Highway worker's discovery saves snake's life

Highway worker's discovery saves snake's life

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - A highway worker for the Ohio Department of Transportation made a shocking discovery that may have saved an animal's life.

Back on March 22, Buddy Malone, an auto technician for ODOT, says when he came across an aquarium lying on the side of the road he became curious. Then, when he backed up to get a better look, he saw it - an 8-foot boa.

"I took my foot and slid him back in the aquarium and put him in my trunk and came to work with it," said Malone.

Eileen Underwood, BGSU associate professor of Biological Sciences and Director of the BGSU Herpetarium, said Malone did everything right.

"I showed up at the ODOT facility, and I thought the guys were great," said Underwood. "They had picked the cage up, put a piece of plywood over the top, because there was no lid on it, and had a shop light at the other end trying to warm the snake."

She says she's surprised the snake survived with temperatures getting down to 31 degrees the night before.

"I'll be honest, the second day I came in, I was expecting to find a dead snake," said Underwood.

Now, Underwood says the snake is doing just fine. The students have even named it "ODOT."

"It is a boa constrictor constrictor, simply a common boa. We do not know if it's male or female. She's probably between 6 and 7 feet long. And she's just going to be a sweetheart. I think she'd probably make a good presentation animal, because she does seem active and friendly," said Underwood.

She says if you have an animal that you can't maintain, contact the humane society. They will take it and find it a home.

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