Police look for classic car stolen from a Millbury driveway

Police look for classic car stolen from a Millbury driveway

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A custom car worth thousands of dollars and hours of hard work was snatched right out of a driveway in Millbury in October, according to police.

Wednesday, the Toledo Police Department posted a picture of the 1979 Chevy Malibu on their Facebook page, in an effort to help the Lake Township Police Department gather new leads. The post has been shared more than 1,200 times with around 100 comments.

According to police, the person or people who stole the car tried to sell it online and the picture posted on Facebook was allegedly taken by the thief/thieves. Although it's blurry, you can see the reflections of the alleged thieves on the car.

Carl Goodsen says back in October, a man came to his house asking questions about the car. The next morning, it was gone.

"My son went to work at 7:05, at 7:20 I got up, looked out of the window, the car's gone," said Goodsen.

Goodsen says it's his son's car, and the pair had spent hours fixing up the 1979 classic.

"With a new motor, new transmission, new rear end, the interior we just got finished up being done, the paint was black cherry, so the body work had to be perfect for this paint to look good on it. It was a beautiful car, beautiful car," said Goodsen.

Goodsen says working on cars is his life, but after this car was stolen, the love is gone.

"It's just not fun to put that much money and time into that kind of a car and for somebody just to take it because they can," said Goodsen.

He asks that if you see the car, call police.

"Think of it as if it's your car, and that you just had it stolen, how would you feel?" Goodsen asked.

And if you're the one who took it, or know who took it, Goodsen asks that you bring it back.

"All we want is the car back. Just give us the car back, as long as it's not damaged, we won't have a problem. That's all we, we want our car back," said Goodsen.

He says he isn't the only one this has happened to, and that people in the car club community are fed up.

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