ProMedica gets okay to demolish smokestacks at new headquarters

ProMedica gets okay to demolish smokestacks at new headquarters

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - On Thursday, ProMedica got the approval from the Toledo City Plan Commission to demolish two iconic smokestacks at its new headquarters in Downtown Toledo.

The stacks sit atop the former Edison Steam Plant where ProMedica plans to move 1,000 employees by the summer of 2017.

ProMedica says the stacks are structurally unsound and a safety risk.

Plant renovation has been on hold until the stacks are leveled.

"The next work that has to happen is demolition of the east wall, which is right next to the stacks and foundation which would cause a lot of vibration to the ground. Can't continue with that until the stacks come down," said ProMedica's Robin Whitney.

The smokestacks will be replaced by replica stacks, which will be 20 feet shorter. Some bricks from the existing stacks will be incorporated into the new ones.

The permits have been pulled, the cranes are in place and demolition could start any day.

"We thought we could come up with a solution that would be able to be done with the stacks in place. Rudolph Libbe started evaluating 'means and methods, 'how are we going to go this?' They would have to cut holes into existing brick bases, which were already unstable," said Whitney.

It should take one month to remove the stacks. The steam plant was built in 1895.

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