Listeria fears result in major food recall

Listeria fears result in major food recall

(WTOL) - A massive food recall is sweeping across the country.

Reser's Fine Foods is pulling their recalled macaroni and potato salad off store shelves because of growing concerns over Listeria.

The company's onion supplier reported the potentially deadly bacteria may be present in onions used to make the salads. Nineteen different refrigerated salad items across 29 states including Ohio and Michigan are included in this recall. 

Recalled items can be listed under the Reser name in addition to private branding. Walmart's "Deli Counter" label of refrigerated salads are also included in the recall.

Items with "use by" dates from the end of April through mid May with a "#10" stamp should be thrown away or returned to stores for a refund.

You can find a complete list of all nineteen recalled products here.

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