Sylvania sees $90 million in invests in 2015

Sylvania sees $90 million in invests in 2015

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - It was a big 2015 for the Sylvania community, with healthcare centers, offices and retail stores all seeing this community as something worth investing in.

Due in large part to the addition of three medical facilities, including mercy emergency room and heartland at ProMedica, this was no ordinary year. Sylvania saw an approximate investment of $90 million in 2015.

"It's highly unusual, we are very grateful and it says a lot about these businesses that want to locate here in Sylvania," said Bill Sanford, City of Sylvania.

He says there are various reasons for the big year, one of them being timing.

"It is a combination of the community and the economy. Projects three years ago that people were holding out on, there's some pent up energy for people to get that done and we're benefiting from some of that," he said. "When you have those larger investments that drives other places to do things that are going to compliment those other businesses."

He says small businesses have also found a way to fill a need in the changing world of retail.

"I think shopping has changed and continues to change. The mall concept is evolving, a lot of communities are tearing down malls and people can shop online. So, they want that experience," said Sanford.

And warmer weather means art walks and farmers markets, two things sure to add to that experience.

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