Toledo police seek help in 21-year-old cold case murder

Toledo police seek help in 21-year-old cold case murder

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - More than 20 years after a murder in north Toledo, the search for a suspect continues.

Toledo police are hoping your tips can shed some light on this cold case.

Currently, they believe at least three people know the suspect who shot and killed 24-year-old Robert Gambrell in June, 1994.

Gambrell's family and daughter have been left without answers since that tragic day.

"It's bad enough when we are dealing with a violent crime like a murder. It's just a horrible thing for a family to go through. But then, when that murder is unsolved it leaves that lingering feeling," said Lt. Joe Heffernan.

According to reports, Gambrell and a friend were walking along the 3100-block of Maher street when a car with four men pulled up. When one of the men attempted to steal Gambrell's friend's purse, he told her to run before he was fatally shot.

"Robert told the woman to take off; she took off running. The suspect then fired multiple rounds striking Robert," Heffernan said.

Police have still not been able to identify the men involved.

The evidence reported includes a sketch of a potential suspect and pictures of the car from that night. That car was reported stolen and recovered from Page Street a short time after the incident.

"We're hoping that since this was twenty-two years ago, some of those fears of retribution of coming forward may not be there now," Heffernan said.

TPD hopes one of the men who was in the car that night will come forward with some answers.

If you have any information regarding this case, call Crime Stopper at 419-255-1111.

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