City of Northwood posts 'No Panhandling' signs

City of Northwood posts 'No Panhandling' signs

NORTHWOOD, OH (WTOL) - You can find panhandlers in just about any city. But, Northwood leaders say for safety purposes they're asking people to keep their change.

"We've got some complaints from residents asking what we can do about it," said Bob Anderson, City of Northwood Administrator.

He says residents have been complaining about a man that sits on the corner of I-280 and Woodville road; that's the reason the signs have gone up.

"I sometimes give him money, Because he probably could be struggling, but he could not be," said Bradley Meeks.

City leaders say Panhandling is a real safety concern.

"I almost got rear ended a couple of weeks ago. Getting off on I-280 and Curtice road and I've seen cars stop. Very nice people I'm sure run out and run across the street and give people money," said Bradley Meeks.

Anderson says the city is not against helping people out but they want people to focus on donating to local charities and not support Panhandling.

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