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Miracle Kids: Cancer survivor dances on after leg amputation

(Source: Newton Family) (Source: Newton Family)
(Source: Newton Family) (Source: Newton Family)
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It started as a pain and ended with a diagnosis of cancer and amputation. It's an incredible story about a strong little girl's fight to survive and not give up her true passion.

Ten-year-old Valory Newton says it was her friends at her dance studio and her new family of nurses and doctors at Mercy Children's Hospital who gave her the strength to fight cancer and get back on the dance floor.   

This recent performance shows just how far Valory has come. 

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“I look at myself as a normal person with normal friends. Other people look at me as a fighter,” said Valory. 

It was her passion for dance that may have saved her life. 

“I started hurting, and my mom said 'you will be fine,'” she said. 

“She's a kid.. I thought she was growing,” said Valory’s mom, Dyana Newton. 

Months went by, but the pain was still there. So, they saw a doctor and tried therapy, but it only got worse. 

“Right here was getting so big. I thought it was my calf muscles or something, but it was bigger than the other one,” said Valory.  

Dyana rushed Valory to the hospital and on November 19, 2015 learned the pain in Valory's leg was caused by a tumor. 

“The day she got her x-ray she came in the car and she said, ‘what's a tumor?’ She had no idea. And we didn't know exactly what it was until the biopsy came back, so it was really hard on us not to cry because we didn't want her scared,” said Dyana. 

The tumor was diagnosed as Osteo Sarcoma, a bone cancer in Valory's left Fibula. 

When asked if it was scary, Valory said she "didn't know what it was at the time.” 

It was a race against the clock to do more tests, see specialists and start chemo, all in hopes of saving this dancer's leg. 

But in order to save Valory, doctors and family decided amputation was the only way to stop the cancer from spreading. 

“It was a very quick progression of events,” said Dyana.  

Events that brought unpleasant news and uncomfortable procedures. 

“She has no control over people poking her, people picking on her, people putting meds in her, so if you can give her a little bit of control, it doesn't take much,” said Dyana. 

So, Dyana worked with doctors and staff to give her daughter some of the control back. 

“It's her little body, so she had to be in charge of her,” said Dyana. 

Valory set parameters for nurses not to come in her room until 9 a.m. so she could sleep in and to always explain to her the pills she was given. Valory even negotiated with doctors on how procedures would be handled and where her leg would be amputated. 

“It’s a very caring hospital. They always do what you want them to do, but if they can't, they will try to get something close to what you want,” said Valory. 

This month Valory's body scan found her to be cancer free. It's a moment Valory’s family says they may not have seen if it wasn't for doctors like Dr. Naji and nurses like Marcy. 

“The staff was great. The nurses were great. They would come in, and even if they didn't have Valory that day, they would come and hang out with her, crawl into bed with her, goof around and tickle her. They are just wonderful with the kids. It’s like they are their own,” said Dyana. 

Valory's life is now getting back to normal - she is dancing more and making fewer visits to the hospital that helped her.

But it's a bittersweet time for Dyana, leaving the team of medical professionals who saved her daughter’s life.

“It’s like your own little family, you know, for the better part of a year and a half I spent all my time here, so you almost feel like you lost something when you leave,” said Dyana. 

“Thank you to all the doctors and nurses who have helped me. I hope you guys have a great day,” said Valory.

Again, Valory just learned last week she is cancer free. Her next body scan is in three months.  

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