Papal document holds to church teachings but calls for new understanding

Papal document holds to church teachings but calls for new understanding

Catholic families around Toledo and across the world are talking about a new doctrine just released by Pope Francis called the "Joy of Love."

The document is a break from the past, but has its limits.

The 256-page document doesn't change the Roman Catholic Church's doctrine, but does call for more understanding of the challenges that families and married couples have to deal with in the modern world.

The document calls on priests to no longer sit in judgment and throw stones against people who don't live up to what the Gospel calls for, in marriage and family life.

It calls for a new understanding of the pressures modern families face and the relationships that people are involved in.

In the paper, the Pope calls divorce evil but holds out the possibility for people who get re-married without an annulment, to once again take Holy Communion.

The Joy of Love also calls for more understanding for gay people, but holds firm against gay marriage, saying there are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions.

The Diocese of Toledo says Catholics should not allow complex or irregular situations to quote: "steal the joy" that love brings the world.

In a statement, Toledo Bishop Daniel Thomas says in part,

"The Holy Father desires all of us to rediscover the beauty of living the teachings of Jesus that show us the path to true love and true joy. He calls us neither to condemn nor condone, but instead to meet people where they are, no matter the situation, and draw them into the transforming love of Christ."

Bishop Thomas urges local Catholics to read the paper carefully and don't rush through it.

Thomas says that anyone feeling estranged from or confused by the Church's teaching should seek out local pastors for guidance.

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