Hensville entertainment district brings chef back home to Toledo

Hensville entertainment district brings chef back home to Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Hensville Entertainment District is attracting not just more business downtown, but also people from Toledo who had moved away.

Chef Kevin Bowers is mixing up some amazing dishes in the kitchen of Fleetwood's Taproom, one of the new bars and restaurants at Hensville. He comes from a restaurant in Cleveland, but the Sylvania Northview Grad (and former restaurant owner), is happy to be home.

"I'm rooted here. Family's here. So, I guess home is where the heart is," said Bowers.

On any given day, Chef Kevin would be managing eight people in the kitchen, and they're cooking up a lot of food.

"Chef Kevin has been awesome. Chef Tony has been awesome. It's been a great experience working with these guys. They have a lot of years of experience and I can't wait to learn from them," said Wilborn.

Fleetwoods is home to craft beers, and Chef Kevin says the menu echoes that.

"From my restaurant prior, I did a mac and cheese with bacon and croutons and four different cheeses," said Bowers.

So Chef Kevin's bringing it back at a time he says downtown Toledo is hitting it out of the park.

"They're bringing back the feel. It's nice to see people walking and being able to go different places with the nightlife," said Bowers.

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