Toledo police unveil new uniforms

Toledo police unveil new uniforms

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo police officers will have a new look, starting May 1. The men and women in blue will be wearing all new navy blue uniforms.

Officers on the streets will wear light blue shirts, and the command staff will wear white shirts. The gang, K9 and swat units will have different uniforms, as well as every lieutenant and sergeant.

"Everybody will be in the same navy blue uniform. The chief likes that it brings some uniformity to the department. It makes us look sharper and everybody is looking forward to the change," said Lt. Joe Heffernan.

Officers will now wear their bullet proof vests over their shirts. Underneath the vests, they will wear a moisture wick shirt to keep officers dry and help them move more easily.

This will allow officers to take their vests off while doing paperwork inside the Safety Building, giving them a chance to cool down.

The vests will now be secured with zippers rather than velcro which offer an additional layer of security to officers so bad guys can't rip them off in a fight.

A suspension system has also been built into the vests, that way suspenders that distribute the heavy load of an officers duty belt to their shoulders to prevent back injuries.

Sgt. Steve Lamb researched the new uniforms and put the new look together for his fellow officers.

"It's been overwhelmingly positive. They are actually excited. I have to break them down into groups to pick them up everyone wants to start wearing these," said Sgt. Lamb.

Each officer will receive three short sleeve under shirts, as well as the vest cover and suspension system.

These high quality uniforms are costing the department less now per uniform, and will cut costs in the future too. If an officer is promoted or switches to a different job duty, the department will not need to purchase them an entirely new uniform.

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