Crooks shoot into gun store, attempt to steal firearms

Crooks shoot into gun store, attempt to steal firearms

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Police say a pair of crooks fired shots into a gun store, in hopes of getting away with more firearms, but they didn't get far.

It all happened around 4:00 A.M. Thursday morning at Parabellum Tactical on Airport highway in south Toledo.

Police arrested Terry Gamble and Calvin Reid after they say they fired two shots into the gun stores glass door.

The pair were seen on the stores surveillance cameras crawling through the door. But it was the stores security system that then sent them running.

"A very good alarm system and the Toledo Police were quick to respond. And we want to thank them for that. As it turns out they wouldn't have been able to get any guns since we lock them up every night," said John Snyder with Parabellum Tactical.

Lt. Joe Heffernan with the Toledo police department says the arrest was an example of good police work.

"It all worked out the way we like to have it work out. We got there quickly, we were able to take the area and at 4:00 in the morning there are not a whole lot of people walking around. So we were able to stop two guys that ended up being the perpetrators," said Lt. Heffernan.

Police were able to recover the gun used to shoot out the window and the men confessed to the crime after being arrested.

They have both been charged with breaking and entering.

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