Loiterer outside BG Circle K just wants to dance

Loiterer outside BG Circle K just wants to dance

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - It's not unusual for Bowling Green police to get called to businesses in the area, especially on a Saturday night when the bars start to close. But the call that they got this past Saturday wasn't something they typically deal with.

Police tell WTOL they responded to the circle K after staff reported that a man wouldn't leave their store. But the kicker is that police say he wasn't there to hurt anyone, he just wanted to dance.

"The downtown bar district, we usually get calls in reference to people being obnoxious, damaging things, and/or causing fights, but we got a call actually from a store, in reference to a male outside that was presumably intoxicated, trying to dance with patrons coming into the store. I'm not sure if a patron complained, or maybe they weren't a dancer, I'm not sure, but someone complained, and then we responded," said Justin White.

Police say the man had left by the time they got there, so they never did get the chance to speak with the dancer.

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