Chilling video shows officer justified in shooting knife-wielding man on I-75

CINCINNATI, OH (WTOL) - It's a chilling video of an officer being threatened by a man with a knife not listening to his commands.

It all happened after officer Joshua Hilling, stopped Pabloe Aleman, who was walking on I-75 in a Cincinnati suburb.

Aleman: "You say you know the way to go to Cincinnati right?"

Officer Hilling: "You can't walk on the highway."

When the officer tried checking the suspect for weapons, the man pulled out a knife.

Officer Hilling: "I'm going to pat you down for officer safety."

Aleman: "Kill me!, Kill me! Kill me now!"

The body cam footage gives a clear picture of what the officer saw.

Office Hilling: "Seven-king-eleven, shots fired! Shots fired! Start me a squad. I shot one. He has a knife."

Officer Hilling shot Aleman in the stomach, but he continued swinging his knife and was not listening to the officer's commands to get down.

"I thought the officer did a remarkable job, used incredible restraint, he used time, he called for backup right away," said Oregon Police Chief Mike Navarre. "If he would have shot that suspect a second time more, than likely it would have been justified."

Backup arrived and another officer was able to taze Aleman.

As for Officer Hilling, he's not facing any charges, as the shooting was justified.

"The videos and the audio recordings don't tell the whole story, but in this case told a big part of the story. And it think that is something we have to be careful about with technology. They are going to be tremendous tools to aid law enforcement, but they are not going to be the only tool and often times they don't tell the whole story," said Navarre.

After the man was detained, police learned he was wanted for a March 17 Baltimore murder. Police in Maryland say he stabbed his roommate to death.

It's believed the knife pulled on officer Hilling was the murder weapon.

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