Matt Boyd will take the mound as Mud Hens start season

Matt Boyd will take the mound as Mud Hens start season

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - When the Mud Hens begin their season Thursday, it will be Matt Boyd getting the start on the mound.

For Boyd, it's his third straight opening day start. The previous two starts came in the Blue Jays organization.

Boyd joined the Tigers last season along with Daniel Norris in the trade that sent David Price to Toronto.

"It's awesome because the stadiums packed," said Boyd. "The anticipation all offseason getting ready to toe it up again, so it's special. It's cool to be a part of. It's cool to be out there in control of the game when your given the ball."
Boyd had a solid spring and is clearly in the Tigers future plans. But for now, his focus is on getting better while in a Mud Hens uniform.
"For me, it's coming out here and making the most out of every day," said Boyd. "You can kind of go at it two ways. Say 'oh I wish I could be here' or you can look at it as a point where 'I'm gonna get better every day.' When my names called and that time comes, I'm gonna go out there and be ready."
Matt Boyd will start the opener, followed by Tigers number one prospect Michael Fulmer on Friday. Thad Weber will start on Saturday.

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