Community speaks out after rumor of Defiance police closing department

Community speaks out after rumor of Defiance police closing department

DEFIANCE, OH (WTOL) - The community of Defiance had a chance to speak out for the first time since a rumor the police department was on it's way out.

Concerns from the public were shared during a packed city council meeting Tuesday night.

According to Mayor Mike McCann, the comments are the result of a rumor that is not true.

"We're discussing beginning to study our law enforcement here in the city of Defiance. We have absolutely no intention of eliminating our law enforcement. What were hoping to do with this study is determine how we're providing that service now and how we might be able to provide it more efficiently going forward," said Mayor McCann.

He says the rumor came out after a discussion amongst division heads last week, but right now, the study they plan to do is not in motion.

"This is emotional, but by the same token, our police is $3.4 million of cost every year. And I have some obligation, again, to see if we can provide that more efficiently," said Mayor McCann.

Despite the meeting, people are concerned what may be to come.

"I think that they are getting message that the people in this town do not want to do away with their police department. And I assuredly hope, that the citizens do stand up and tell them," said resident Mike Simon.

The mayor says there have been no secret meetings about the topic and they plan to be transparent as they continue to look into the issue
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