30 law enforcement agencies take part in 'Circle Toledo'

30 law enforcement agencies take part in 'Circle Toledo'

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Get behind wheel this weekend and officers will be watching.

Thirty local law enforcement agencies across Ohio and Michigan are participating in Circle Toledo. The initiative's goal is to remove impaired drivers from the road.

"Forty-three percent of our fatal crashes were the result of impaired drivers. And that's an unacceptable number to us and it should be an unacceptable number to the people that drive these roads every day," said Sgt. Nathan Henn with the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Sargent Henn is part of the initiative. WTOL 11 rode along with him for a couple hours as he looked for people breaking traffic laws.

"It can be anything from a speeding violation to a marked lane violation, weaving back and forth crossing lines, left of center. It can be any number of things that we stop them and they're under the influence," said Sgt. Henn.

But after several stops for speeding, one speed stop proved to be more than just that.

"I smelled a very strong odor of burnt marijuana, also smelled a very strong odor of alcohol, I observed open containers within the vehicle," says Sgt. Henn.

The trooper would perform a pat down, field sobriety test, and collect some marijuana from the car. The driver was ultimately charged with possession of marijuana.

"He did pass a field sobriety test. He is on prescription medications though. And he agreed that maybe it be in his best interest to call someone to pick him up. I didn't feel like I had enough probable cause to arrest him so it worked out for everybody," said Sgt. Henn.

The stop was a perfect example of why this initiative is in effect and how they aggressively will enforce the traffic laws.

"Every year that I've worked it, it's been extremely successful. It's fun to work with the other agencies and partner with them. We all have the same goal," says Sgt. Henn.

The initiative ran through Saturday at 6 A.M.

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