Don't Waste Your Money: Fewer Uber Cars

Don't Waste Your Money: Fewer Uber Cars

(WTOL) - Good news and bad news if you ever use Uber to get around.

The good: Fares are down this year.

The bad: Those low fares are hurting drivers, which means there may be fewer of them on the road in the coming months.

Becoming an Uber driver to earn extra cash

"A friend of mine from high school was doing it, so I thought it would be a lot of fun to give it a shot," said Vicki Zwissler, an Uber driver.

Her little job was soon making big money. But when uber slashed fares up to 25 percent in January, her earnings got slashed too.

"I was averaging about $500 a week in my spare time, and literally instantly that went to $375," said Zwissler.

Another unhappy driver who did not want his name used, showed his recent fares, as low as $1.94.

Vicki says bar time at night, when fares go up, is now the only way she makes good money.

"Driving during peak and surge hours would be the only time to see significant earnings."

If you are a passenger, this recent cut sounds like great news, because it's lower fares. But drivers say not necessarily, if this leads to fewer Uber cars out on the road.

Many Drivers are cutting their hours

"They are talking to me and saying they are either not doing it at all anymore, or they have cut their time significantly at all," said Vicky.

Uber has released a statement saying: "seasonality affects every business and ours is no exception. When demand goes down in the winter, lower prices mean more business for our drivers."

Uber typically raises fares in April or May, though it wont say what it is planning for this year right now.

If you find it takes longer to get an uber car next time you need one, this could be the reason so you don't waste your money.

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