Cowboy artist show opens in Sylvania

Cowboy artist show opens in Sylvania

(WTOL) - Dave Wisniewski is a cowboy artist and a cowboy at heart. He sold his first painting in 1999.

Dave became mesmerized with this rugged symbol of Americana while growing up watching TV westerns like 'Gunsmoke.'

"Well, actually it's our first heroes going out west and roughing it. Dealing with hard times,' said Dave.

Dave says the portraits paint themselves and he just stands back and watches; he thinks he is a cowboy.

"When I paint these characters, I get involved one on one because I'm creating them and so they have to become someone in my mind. I stand and look at it. I start to see the person come out of the canvas," said Dave.

A person with true grit from a rough and tumble bygone era. Dave's artwork is now on view and for sale at the River Centre Gallery at 5465 Main Street in downtown Sylvania.

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