West Toledo residents concerned over abandoned Riviera Maia Complex

West Toledo residents concerned over abandoned Riviera Maia Complex

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It has been nearly a year and a half since Riviera Maia was condemned.

The City of Toledo was ordered to secure the property and Toledo police were asked to patrol the area.

But over the course of 16 months the property has attracted criminals who have broken windows in order to get inside to steal scrap metal or to use as a place to sleep.

Toledo City Councilwoman Lindsay Webb says she's frustrated.

"The neighborhood is reaching its boiling point. We cannot go through the summer continuing with these one board up operations and calling the police when we notice unsafe conditions" said Webb.

Janet Schroder with the Mayor's office says they send maintenance crews out weekly to make sure the property is secure.

Friday, crews walked through a building that had a door pried open; they boarded up the door and four windows.

Residents say the problem of squatters, scrappers and vandals have only gotten worse since the weather has gotten nicer.

They tell WTOL they want the city to be proactive and not reactive to these problems.

Right now the City is hopeful a deal will be struck between the current owner of Riviera Maia and a development group out of Michigan.

Contour Development confirmed in the past that they were taking over the property, but an official closing on the property has yet to happen.

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