Non-profit gives back to couple whose bike was stolen

Non-profit gives back to couple whose bike was stolen
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

POINT PLACE, OH (WTOL) - A very important piece of property was stolen from a couple in Point Place, but a non-profit stepped up to replace it.

Don and Lucy Mayer had one of their tricycles stolen a few months ago from their garage right behind the house. The couple has lived in the Point for years, and are known for their bikes and their annual spot in the Point Place parade.

"Everybody knows who they are. They ride bikes, three wheel bicycles. They don't drive cars or anything like that and that's how they get around," said Debbie Speegle of The League of Generosity and Servitude.

Because of the theft, Lucy was worried she wouldn't be able to ride in the parade. The couple says they've had one or both bikes stolen from them several times.

News of the recent theft upset Debbie Speegle with L.E.G.S. so they decided to do something about it.

"A few days later we were out checking out estates, because we do estate sales. And we went to a house and there was a three wheel bike in there," said Speegle.

Debbie bought the bike, had it fixed it up, and personally delivered it to Lucy.

"She just you know, lit up like a little Christmas tree and was so excited," said Speegle.

Don and Lucy shared their appreciation with WTOL 11 about the gift.

"Thank you very much and you a very nice lady. Thank you Debbie for getting the bike for her so she don't have to ride a skate board," said Don and Lucy.

The L.E.G.S. organization also gave Lucy and Don a bike lock and pad lock to try and prevent their bikes from getting stolen again.

To learn more about the organization, visit their Facebook page.

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