Ottawa Co. Sheriff K-9 diagnosed with Cancer

Ottawa Co. Sheriff K-9 diagnosed with Cancer

OTTAWA COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office is dealing with some horrible news. The department's only K-9 officer has been diagnosed with Cancer and they've been told the dog only has a year to live.

Nero, is a furry, friendly K-9 officer, who loves to chew his toy and do his job. His handler, Deputy Marc Nye says he discovered the worse just two weeks ago.

"We were at training and I was just petting Nero after I finished the training and I discovered a lump on his neck that I never felt before," said Nero.

Nero was immediately taken to the vet, and was later diagnosed with lymphoma cancer.

"The fact that he's overall health wise doing pretty well right now I don't think it has sunk all the way in either," said Nye.

Nero is receiving treatment through a clinical trial program Through Ohio State University. Sadly, the treatment will not cure the cancer, and he's only expected to live another year.

"I can't imagine losing him and it's going to be very hard on me losing him," said Nye.

"From A dog lovers stand point It's tough, its very hard but from an administrators stand point I have to look at it with that other hat on and say ok what do we have to do to get ourselves ready for this," said Stephen Levorchick of the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office.

Nero is a dual Purpose K-9 officer and he'll stay on duty throughout the duration of his treatment.

"I'm just going to have to judge based on how he's doing day to day if he's able to work. He wants to work and I think that's one of the most important things, to keep him doing what he wants to do," said Nye.

Every Monday for at least the next month, Nero will be heading down to Columbus for treatment and checkups.
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