Residents file last minute complaints to contest Lucas Co. property valuation

Residents file last minute complaints to contest Lucas Co. property valuation
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The final deadline to file a complaint with the Lucas County Auditor's Office on property valuation was Thursday, March 31.

While a steady trickle of last-minute filers took advantage of contesting their property value, the Lucas County Board of Revision Director Miranda Jarouche said the county has received about half of the amount of residents contesting their values as it did last year.

Preliminary numbers put that estimate at about 1,300 cases currently, as opposed to 3,000 cases the previous year.

Jarouche also noted that the office has seen contested property values across the board, not in one specific targeted area, and it looks forward to working with citizens throughout the process.

"If a citizen feels that their value is not where it should be, for them to be able to come together with our office, with the Board of Revision, and explain and have them show us what information they have to support the value where they feel it should be. With today being our deadline, we are definitely at half of what we had last year, so that lets us known that Lucas County citizens are happy with where their values are," said Jarouche.

Sam Zyndorf, who filed on behalf of clients for commercial properties, said it's important for residents to be aware of their property value each year.

"Everybody should at least look at their taxes. Not everyone should file a complaint, but everybody should at least review their taxes and see if their value is fair. If it's not, they should contest, and if it is, it is.  If it's under value, they should be thankful," said Zyndorf.

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