OSHP looks for reckless drivers from the sky

OSHP looks for reckless drivers from the sky

(WTOL) - The Ohio State Highway Patrol is targeting reckless drivers from the sky.

Troopers say they are looking for drunk, reckless and aggressive drivers, and doing it all from an airplane.

WTOL 11 got an inside look at the OSHP plane as troopers patrolled I-475 and Talmadge Wednesday.

Troopers say they find the most violators right at the Ohio-Michigan line on I-75.

So, how does it work?

Troopers clock how long it takes drivers to reach hash marks on the road. They then radio to back up on the ground, who then pulls those drivers over.

Troopers say this unit is vital in protecting those out on the road.

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