Ohio Attorney General's Office shuts down questionable charities

Ohio Attorney General's Office shuts down questionable charities

(WTOL) - A couple of questionable cancer charities were shut down by the Attorney General's Office after complaints were filed last May.

But how does this effect the charities doing their best to help?

"We're very saddened when we see other organizations not managing their donor dollars in the same way, because that takes dollars away from organizations like ours who are making a difference and who are saving lives through their breast cancer services and research," said Mary Westphal, Susan G. Komen.

Last May, Attorney General Mike DeWine's Office began looking into four charities who they say allegedly scammed donors out of more than $187 million. Two of the charities dissolved in a settlement last May. The other two, Cancer Fund of America and Cancer Support Services, were dissolved in a second settlement.

For Susan G. Komen, they're glad to see a resolution.

"We're very relieved to see the leadership in the state and in the country taking a look at these organizations that aren't spending the dollars the way that they see they should be. We're very comfortable with the fact that people are asking questions and donors are becoming very smart in how they spend their dollars," said Westphal.

The president of the charities dissolved is banned from profiting from charity fundraising and nonprofit work and from serving as a charity's director or trustee.

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