Jack Miller returns to football as new graduate assistant coach at UT

Jack Miller returns to football as new graduate assistant coach at UT

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - When Jack Miller decided to end his football career at Michigan, he stepped away from the field and began work in the real world. But he wasn't away for long. Miller has returned to football as a graduate assistant coach at the University of Toledo. His main focus is off the field with recruiting.

"It's been exciting. It's good to get back to football. It's been able three months now. The first couple months were just recruiting, so a lot of office work and stuff like that. But, now that we're back on the field, it's exciting. It's good to be back on the field around the guys and comradery and back to the game. I'm really enjoying it," said Miller.

Head Coach Jason Candle remembers being in Jack's shoes, trying to break in to the coaching profession back at Mount Union.

"Unfortunately where I was at a Division Three school. Where you were like the receiver coach, slash offensive coordinator, slash grass-cutter, slash everything. So, yea it's a good start. You gotta start somewhere. You gotta get your feet on the ground, understand how to coach, and understand how to recruit, learn the ropes a little bit. He's doing a great job," said Candle.

For Miller, it's all about learning and growing as a first time coach.

"Just learning, being a first time coach, just how that works. The hours you gotta put in and a normal day in whatever time of year looks like. I'm learning on the fly. I'm learning a ton. Just trying to absorb as much of it as I can," said Miller.

Miller and the Rockets have their Spring Game next Saturday afternoon inside the Glass Bowl.

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