Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at UT is on probation following alleged assault at off campus party

Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at UT is on probation following alleged assault at off campus party

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A Fraternity at The University of Toledo is now suspended after an incident at an off-campus party on January 26.

The sanctions come after a two month investigation by student affairs that included interviews of more than 40 people, hearings, and panels. The outcome is multiple violations of the student code of conduct.

President Sharon Gaber says the letter outlines the repercussions for the Pi Kappa Phi and six students.

"There are a number of violations but particularly, disorderly conduct essentially. And then with the fraternity it was disorderly conduct and then the concept of bullying or intimidation or verbal abuse," said Sharon Gabors, President of the University of Toledo.

For the fraternity that means disciplinary probation and no social events for more than a year. No new members until 2017, and anti-bullying and alcohol awareness training.

The six students are on disciplinary probation for a year, and will have to complete alcohol awareness education and community service.

"I think the process was fair. And I think that an impartial group put together and recommended a set of sanctions based on their hearing of the evidence," said Gabers.

These sanctions are the result of an alleged physical altercation at an off-campus party that may have been racially motivated.

"I am certainly not pleased with the set of behaviors that led to this situation and the need for these hearings. And so that's what I'd say bottom line is," said Gabers.

She says the university is better than what this situation may reflect.

"We had an incident, and we had an issue, and I think people have questioned that, but I believe that we are a good, tolerant, inclusive community, and that we have to strengthen that," said Gabers.

Below is the full statement that was passed along to students:

This situation has pointed out the need for training and understanding that we will continue to work on, embrace and incorporate in our forthcoming diversity plan.
This is why I am confident in this institution's trajectory. Great universities don't shy away from difficult conversations. It is because the UT community is engaged in civil but passionate, educated discussions that we will achieve a greater understanding of each other. And that understanding, that empathy — especially in the face of frustration — is what makes The University of Toledo strong.

The President says to keep this from happening again their plan is to pay attention, monitor and take swift, clear and fair action when needed.

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