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Village of McComb looks to negotiate with northwestern water and sewer district

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There is a possible solution for a local village dealing with water quality issues. It's been a hot topic in the city of McComb, ever since the water was discolored and tainted with manganese last summer. 

This small village in Wood County has had their fair share of water issues. 

Council just voted to move forward and begin negotiating with a regional water and sewer system. 

“Manganese was kind of high and it turned the water brown. There have been other EPA violations,” said Chuck Latta, mayor of McComb. 

Now village leaders are working to fix those issues, but they say the cost of keeping up is getting to be more than they can handle. 

“It’s becoming almost cost prohibitive for us in the small village to maintain our own water plant,” said Latta. 

That's why village council voted to begin negotiating with the northwestern water and sewer district. 

“They will take over our water and sewer business. The bills will come from them and they will be the ones that run our plant but service will be the same,” said Latta. 

The northwestern water and sewer district already works with numerous other municipalities in Wood and surrounding counties. 

The mayor says it will be especially important to have their knowledge as the village also works to upgrade its sewer facilities. 

“I think it brings some expertise to the village that we don't have because it’s a big district and they have a lot of employees,” said Latta. 

The mayor will now meet with the northwestern water and sewer district in April to begin negotiating. 

He says people who live in the village can expect their water bills to go up regardless of if an agreement is made with this organization.
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