Voter's Voice group files lawsuit against the city of Rossford

Voter's Voice group files lawsuit against the city of Rossford

ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - A lawsuit has been filed against the city of Rossford, by the Voter's Voice group.

The group is unhappy with the city's decision to reduce the tax credit paid to other municipalities by 50 percent.

The ordinance was passed in January, and some Rossford residents feel that they should have had a say.

Voter's Voice member Bob Densic tells WTOL that before this ordinance, Rossford residents who worked in other municipalities were fully reimbursed for the income tax they pay for where they worked. Now, that's cut in half, and he and the Voter's Voice members believe that's a problem.

"We the citizens felt this was the wrong step to go, and started the Citizen's petition, the referendum petition, that's allowed by the Ohio revised code," said bob Densic, member of Voter's Voice.

The group gathered more than 800 signatures on that petition, and those were verified by the Wood County Board of Elections. But Densic says the city would not certify the petitions to the county, to have the income tax issue put on the ballot.

Now, they're taking their fight to court. Mayor Neil MacKinnon says they are following the state's Constitution.

"We have received their lawsuit, and we feel that we are correct, and that we are responsible and upholding the laws of the Constitution of the state of Ohio," said Neil Mackinnon, Rossford mayor.

The Writ of Mandamus was filed in the 6th district court of appeals in Wood County on Friday.

The Voter's Voice group is waiting to hear back from the court on their decision.

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