Golf Course needs volunteers for cleanup after damaging storm

Golf Course needs volunteers for cleanup after damaging storm

HANCOCK COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - On a good day, the Sycamore Springs Golf Course in Arlington is a sight to see, but after a recent storm the course has lost it's manicured look.

Dozens of trees were damaged on the course Thursday night. This was a real shocker to groundsman Robert Riedel who thought just rain had hit the area.

"Kind of was not expecting this much damage. I thought four or five pine trees. But when I got here, it was like 40 trees that are down," said Riedel.

He says trees were mangled, some snapped, and others twisted down. This happened after they had almost finished preparing the course for the season.

Unfortunately, the course was not the only place hit. Across the road, more damage to a house and barn. Riedel says a piece of the barn made it all the way over to the course.

Ridel says all of this damage is a setback for the course and it's players.

"This is going to change a few of the holes. Eighteen will be a lot easier to play. Thank god. The rest of them it's not going to change a lot just the visual effects of seeing a lot of these pine trees gone," said Riedel.

Since the damage was discovered, the course has been working to clean up the mess, though they are asking for the public's help this weekend to get the job done.

"We would appreciate very much some help out here. Bring your own rakes because we don't have that many if we're going to get a lot of people," said Riedel.

To find out more information about volunteering you can call the course at (419) 365-5109 or check out the golf course's facebook page.
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