Glass Bowl to get new cutting-edge turf

Glass Bowl to get new cutting-edge turf

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - When the Glass Bowl was first built in 1936, it had a grass playing field.

It's seen several turfs since then ripped up by a lot of players. But a change is coming. Now the University of Toledo is looking to get the latest in cutting-edge playing surface technology by installing a new turf for the upcoming season.

A new field turf surface called Revolution 360 will replace the existing turf that was installed in 2008.

The look of the new field will not change dramatically. The bench areas will be solid blue, and the numbers on the field will be outlined in blue. But otherwise, from a fan's perspective, it will look very similar to the current field.

"Typically, this product has an 8-year life span and we're at the end of 8 years, so it's time to get new turf and obviously student safety is one of our main concerns and it will look good as well," said David Nottke, UT.

The Rockets will make their debut on the new field during their home opener against Maine Saturday, Sept. 10.

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