Demand for Kielbasa is strong at Easter time

Demand for Kielbasa is strong at Easter time

Kielbasa is a staple for many families Easter dinners in the area, and at Zavotski's Custom Meats and Deli in west Toledo, it's flying off the shelves.

The deli has four different types of kielbasa this year; traditional, smoked, extra garlic and turkey.

Zavotskis makes the kielbasa in hundred pound batches, in order to keep up with the demand for the holiday.

Staff at the store say this is the kickoff to the Spring season.

"Easter is a really big holiday in the Christian faith, and especially the Polish tradition, it's just the new beginning of the spring, and we've been doing, ever since we opened, we've been doing great with it, said Dave Zawacki.

If you haven't picked up your kielbasa yet, there's still time, Zavotskis Deli will be open on Saturday from.

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