Patient sues hospital after doctors allegedly remove wrong body part

Patient sues hospital after doctors allegedly remove wrong body part

(CNN) - A patient is suing Yale New Haven Hospital for allegedly removing the wrong body part during surgery, then trying to cover up the mistake.

The patient had surgery last year to remove part of a rib due to a pre-canerous lesion.

According to the lawsuit, doctors failed to remove the correct rib, despite it being marked with metal coils and dye before the procedure.

The patient's attorney says one surgeon-in-training lied to cover-up the mistake in order to get her to consent to a second surgery that same day.

"Dr. Quarrie, who took the wrong rib out the first time, was actually involved in the second surgery after being specifically asked by my clients not to have anything to do with her anymore because they felt he was incompetent," said Joel Faxon, Faxon Law Group.

In an email, that surgeon in training, doctor Ricardo Quarrie, declined to comment.

The lawsuit also alleges doctor Quarrie was added to the surgical team without the patient's knowledge.

Yale Hospital released a statement saying, quote, "It is committed to providing the safest and highest quality of care possible. And even in the best organizations medical errors may occur. The hospital says its goal is to learn from mistakes when they occur and minimize any chance that they ever occur again."

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