Neighbors complain west Toledo bar has become a nuisance

Neighbors complain west Toledo bar has become a nuisance
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A debate is happening over the Lyric's Lounge on west Sylvania Avenue in Toledo.

The bar opened a few months ago, and since then police reports show several assaults and disorderly conduct issues at the bar.

Many people who live in the homes around the bar say they have to deal with noise and fights in their back yard. But those who run the bar say they have employed security guards and do what they can to keep the area safe.

"It's horrible, my husband wants to move now but like I said 19 years, I'm not going to move because a bar opened across the street but if someone doesn't do something about it we might just have to move," said a concerned neighbor.

"We just think this is a race issue. Security handles everything. it's not like people are being shot or killed in the bar or around the bar we take care of everything professionally," said Lynarra Sutton, a Bartender at Lyric Lounge.

The bar has only been opened a couple of months.

The state granted it's liquor license as part of an economic development program.

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