Perrysburg budget approved to build Riverside Park

Perrysburg budget approved to build Riverside Park

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - The city of Perrysburg has approved a budget for 2016 which includes money for Riverside Park.

Council approved $1.5 million to build the park.

Originally the city had anticipated a $500,000 grant to supplement the cost, but that fell through.

Now the city will use money from the general fund to cover the entire cost.

"This has been a lot of talk for a long time. And it's good to make a decision and move on. And I think that's where we are. And hopefully this will get done, it will be a nice project, and when it's all said and done people will like the project," said David Creps, Director of Finance for Perrysburg.

The goal is to complete the project this year. Money has been earmarked to eventually install lights in the park.

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