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CDC release findings to help decrease Fentanyl drug related deaths

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As the fentanyl related drug overdose deaths in the state rise, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released their findings and recommendations on how the state can go about working to decrease that problem.

The Ohio Department of Health requested the CDC's assistance last year, after data from 2014 showed that fentanyl related overdoses increased to 502, up from just 84 in 2013.

Dr. Robert Forney from the Lucas County Coroner's Office tells WTOL it started with heroin mixed with fentanyl, and sometime last year, fentanyl used alone became more frequent.

"If you were just looking at heroin, it would look like the number of heroin deaths were decreasing, well, but then you add in the fentanyl, and it was actually increasing,” said Dr. Forney.

He has a warning for those who choose to use these types of drugs.

“You just don't know what you're dealing with, you just don't know. The pusher, you don't know what he's giving you,” said Dr. Forney.

The CDC gave several recommendations after they provided their report, many of which the state has already taken action on, such as education and enhancing EMS response.

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