Gulf Shores, other popular Spring Break destinations ban alcohol on beach

Gulf Shores, other popular Spring Break destinations ban alcohol on beach

(WTOL) - The fallout continues after the decision by the city of Gulf Shores Alabama to ban alcohol on beaches during the spring break season.

Citing concerns of public intoxication and damage to the beaches, the city of Gulf Shores has banned the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on all public beaches. there is a literal line in the sand where you can drink and where you can not.

"We just can't continue to allow to have some of the big parties on the beach," said Grant Brown, Public Information Officer for the city of Gulf Shores.

The ban came down on march 18th, and the police were in full effect today, busting these guys and making them pour out bottles of alcohol and dump them in the trash.

Some spring breakers still found a way to get their alcohol on the sand but they say it just isn't the same.

"No alcohol on the beach is terrible. There are a lot of responsible people out here who want to drink and have fun and we can't anymore because of some reckless individuals," said James Booth.

The ban in gulf shores comes one year after panama city made the same call. One man said the difference in only one year is quite obvious.

"Panama City is pretty much dead. There is no Spring Break going on there. Then we drove up here thinking things would be happening here and nothing," said Ryan Garcia.

Gulf shores beaches were quiet today and one local says he thinks the alcohol ban is to blame but he's not mad about it.

"I think it's good because there are too many kids and families that want to have a good time and when you see 20-30 kids having a case of beer it's just like what are we getting ourselves into?" said Steve Pfeiffer.

It seems the spring break mentality may be on it's way out in gulf shores and one local businessman says it concerns him.

"The tourists fund this town so anytime you affect the tourist that come here. I mean that affects all business owners here," said Toma Carlton, owner of the Flip Flop Deli Shop.

So far, there's no word on if any more beaches will be following suite.

Some travelers say they are already changing their plans and trying out different places with less rules.

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