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Confirmed case of Elizabethkingia in MI concerns health officials

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A blood infection is causing big problems in the U.S. with the latest confirmed case and death in Michigan.

It’s called Elizabethkingia. Health officials say it’s found in certain mosquitoes, but it is still not clear how those mosquitoes transmit it.  

And while there are no confirmed cases in Ohio, health officials say the recent case in western Michigan is extremely concerning.

Several cases have been reported in Wisconsin. In total 54 in 12 different counties. 

The majority of the people infected are 65 and older and had pre-existing health conditions.  

The challenging part is no one can figure out why so many people are dying and where it started.

Elizabethkingia is a type of bacteria that is normally found in rivers, reservoirs and soil. Health officials say it doesn't usually make people sick. 

Symptoms include shortness of breath, fever, chills and a bacterial skin infection.  

Another challenge is it's hard to treat with antibiotics.    

Again, so far there are no confirmed cases in Ohio.

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