Crews set to began work on Douglas near Sylvania Road

Crews set to began work on Douglas near Sylvania Road

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Get ready, more roadwork on Douglas is about to begin at the stretch from Sylvania to Laskey and Tremainsville.

Heavy traffic, potholes and dangerous intersections is how some describe that stretch of Douglas, which is why the city says this 5.3 million dollar construction project is needed.

This will be a two part project. Crews have already been working to replace waterlines in the area.

A special meeting was held Monday for people who live and work in the area, and they have mixed feelings about the construction.

Overall, they are hoping for improved communication as the project moves into the next phase.

"Came into the office and there was no notification. There was a truck blocking the entrance, they were doing I'm pretty sure the water lines and nobody could get in the office," said Raymond Lopez.

He has a dentist office on Douglas and says he's worried about the impact this project could have on his business.

City leaders say they will make sure people stay informed.

"They will send out notification letters. They will be letting people know when they need to be out of their driveways and so forth," said Douglas Stephens, Commissioner of Engineering.

Others worry about the sidewalk placement and messy yards. It could be a long couple of months, but months many say will be worth it.

"It's going to make it much safer. I'm hoping we will see new businesses open because people actually avoid this area because the traffic is so rough to deal with," said Lopez.

The road widening project does not began until April.

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