Springfield Twp. Police Protection: What's next?

Springfield Twp. Police Protection: What's next?

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - Police protection is a hot button issue in Springfield Township after residents voted against a police protection levy on Tuesday.

The township had asked for 3.8 mills for five years. That would have generated $2 million annually for police protection from the Lucas County Sheriff's Department.

"I hoped that is was going to pass, but I think it does send a pretty loud message that at a minimum they didn't want that much," said Trustee Bob Bethel. "We may need to consider something less on there, less millage on there because that is a big part of what I heard of concern before the levy was on the ballot was the amount of money that we were asking for."

Right now the township is operating at a 60-percent reduction of services, which will continue at least through the end of the year.

Bethel says they have some hard decisions to make about the future.

"We will have to assess as we finalize a budget, which we should do at this coming Monday's meeting, if we have to make further cuts in the contract with the sheriff's office," said Bethel.

Despite what could be to come, Bethel wants to assure the residents they still have police protection.

"There's no reason to panic in this situation. The sheriff's office is still there, the deputies are still going to be there, they're still going to respond to emergency calls," said Bethel.

The only obvious changes he says will be the visibility of deputies and increased response times.

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